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Overhaul Your Employee Training:  Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is important to any organization. Engaged employees work as hard as possible to reach company goals and their attitude evokes pride for their organization. This is simply a change in the workforce for the better. Everyone wants the organization to succeed in any way possible; however, it can be difficult to engage employees while they are being trained.

Creating a culture in which employees are engaged can make a huge difference to any workplace. They add value to the organization and enrich the experience as a whole. Not only do engaged employees lead to a workforce full of hard workers, they also greatly increase the revenue of their organization.

Creating employees that are engaged all begins with employee training. Engaging employees during training helps create a workforce full of employees that serve as advocates for your organization. Below are a few employee engagement ideas that will help your organization to educate your employees during training.

Customize Your Training Programs

When an organization introduces one of the many ways to customize training to an employee, they must remember to analyze what the organization needs from the training program, first. This gives the organization the information they need to know who in the organization needs training and what style to suit them best. With this information, the organization can then develop a customized plan for training employees that will be effective.

Try On-The-Job Training

According to recent studies, researchers have found that seventy percent of learning takes place informally, meaning that most learning takes place while interacting on the job, rather than through traditional training. Putting employees into the work environment jumpstarts their engagement and teaches them everyday skills that are necessary to be successful in the workforce. On-the-job training can also include mentoring new employees, quizzing them from time to time on their previous training, or by putting them in situations in which they have to think independently to resolve an issue.

Try e-Learning

An interesting approach to non-traditional learning is the concept of e-Learning. E-Learning is an inexpensive, non-traditional method of training in which employees are able to take training courses on a computer or mobile device. This form of training is tremendously effective when utilized correctly.

Employees that use e-Learning are able to increase their job skills at their own pace and have the freedom to learn wherever and whenever they wish. In fact, eighty percent of organizations train employees online. Thirty percent of corporate training is completed through e-Learning as well.

This process holds value at a level higher than traditional forms of training because an online forum allows employees to have interactive learning experiences at their own convenience. Trainees are given the freedom to fail an activity without it leading to any real-life consequences, so the pressure is off. E-Learning is a much more interactive experience than a traditional training seminar in which hundreds of workers are being taught at the same time by one presenter.

E-Learning leads to increased productivity, decreased material costs, improved retention of employees, and provides trainees with a personalized learning experience. This innovative new style of customized employee training and education is changing the way in which companies train their employees. CATMEDIA is a huge advocate for e-Learning. In fact, we use this platform to train many of our employees.

Training is an invaluable process to any organization. Just as the best athletes have customized training programs, employees also need a customized form of training in order to improve engagement. Every person on your workforce requires the most effective method of education in order to engage at work. These ideas will lead to higher employee engagement, as well as the overall improvement of your workforce.

What techniques do you use to engage your employees during training? Let us know if the comments below.

CATMEDIA provides total training solutions for clients in public and private sectors with proven results. Every organization, regardless of size, faces unique challenges in developing and retaining their workforce in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

CATMEDIA is an award-winning Inc. 500 company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1997, the company specializes in advertising, creative services, media production, program management, training, and human resource management. As a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), CATMEDIA provides world-class customer service and innovative solutions to government and commercial clients. Current CATMEDIA clients include Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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