Social Media Campaign

With unlimited, sometimes overwhelming, amounts of information on the web, people are turning to the Internet, and specifically social media, to find information. CATMEDIA creates social media campaigns and provides social media management services that generate name recognition and cultivate relationships with consumers.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Establishing a social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) presence for our customers allows us to increase their digital presence and build awareness. These platforms enable our clients to send a message directly to the public, interact with them, and create a footprint on the web. Being present on these channels gives a client the ability to present information in real time, and their ease of use allows for information to spread quickly.

When developing a social media marketing plan, CATMEDIA addresses the desired end goals and creates a plan to facilitate them. Through social media optimization and analytics, a social media marketing plan can be tracked and adjusted as needed. Social media optimization involves utilizing each social platform to generate publicity. Through social media optimizations, CATMEDIA can increase a business’s product and brand awareness. CATMEDIA also implements search engine optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic to a company’s website.

Creating and managing a blog will curate valuable content for the audience that can be easily distributed across multiple platforms. The dissemination of information will help to build engagement and promote traffic. Assigning blog topics to experts demonstrates industry knowledge and will help shape a company as an industry leader. The public then turns to that company first on for information or problem solving solutions.

Integrating analytics into a social media marketing plan allows for a thorough understanding of the campaign. CATMEDIA’s staff use of multiple analytic platforms gives us the ability to analyze how content that is distributed and received among different channels and gauge the success of social media optimization. Using analytics gives us the ability to analyze multiple sites and website traffic, allowing us to observe any interactions people have with the pages, length of their visit, and what channels used to get there.

CATMEDIA’s social media management services and the creation of metrics can be used to track social media optimization through a specific sequence of steps. These can be are through a website, allowing us to see the effectiveness of social media marketing plans. Usisng analytics, the successful areas are apparent and the social media marketing plan can be adjusted as needed. Analytics can also be categorized by device, mobile or non mobile. All data gathered can be used to connect with the audience on a deeper level, and in turn, increase traffic.

Social Media Management Services

After the development of the social media marketing plan, CATMEDIA offers social media management services. Throughout the implementation of the marketing plan, CATMEDIA posts regular, useful or entertaining, updates while building a cohesive brand message. Being present and interactive on the web allows the public to engage with you in a casual setting. This creates an environment where people can be comfortable presenting ideas.

Interacting through CATMEDIA’s social media management services builds relationships between your business and consumers and positions your business as a trusted source of information. Utilizing social media management services allows for the ownership and application of ideas from all levels of contributors. Using a social media marketing plan has become an essential business tool in getting messages out to the masses.

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