Marketing and Advertising

Great marketing and advertising starts with a great idea, a light bulb – and we’ve got enough of those to outshine the most illuminated of marketers! Ideas backed up with solid data get your brand on the top of mind and tip of tongue for your target market.

We offer innovative solutions to turn data-driven strategies into targeted consumer engagement.

Our Creative Services offerings and interactive tools like BAM MAIL™ take marketing communications to a whole new level.

Marketing Strategy and Communications

Marketing theories abound, and with our staff of experts, we know which ones will take your campaign to the top and let the world know who you are.

CATMEDIA ascribes to Robert Lauterborn’s marketing theory, the 4 C’s:
  • Customer Wants and Needs
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Communication
The crux of the 4 C’s theory is founded on the idea that a customer’s wants and needs.

The first of the C’s, Customer wants and needs should be the focus of a campaign. CATMEDIA uses the 4 C’s to support our clients in planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies. To determine what exactly it is that our client wants and needs, we build a strategy around key questions:
  • Where are the problems to which customers seek solutions?
  • What services or products can solve those problems?
  • And how can we make that solution as exciting to the customer as possible?
Once we’ve answered these questions, we can then form a custom, integrated marketing communications program.

We should take a look at the 2nd of our 4 C’s: Cost. Cost is more than just how much you would pay for something; it is an all-inclusive take on what your customer will spend in terms of not just money but also time and effort. Taking costs into account, we come closer to understanding the target market. By structuring our problem solving skills, CATMEDIA helps our clients identify and communicate the total cost to customers through integrated marketing.

The 3rd C is Convenience. Consumers expect easy access to information, clear answers to questions they might have, and a hassle-free buying process. We take a look at how digital marketing plays an essential role in how consumers research products and services, and complete transactions. Integrated marketing communications incorporate the role of convenience when convincing potential customers of value. CATMEDIA assesses just how convenient our client’s distribution methods are by seeing through the eyes of their customers. This allows us to recommend and implement enhancements.

The (you guessed it) 4th and final C: Communication, is a two-way street. Marketing through clear, consistent messaging increases customer engagement. We use more than one media-vehicle to drive your campaign out to your market. CATMEDIA created a six-step trademarked communication strategy that we call CATVANTAGE™. CATVANTAGE™ is a tool that takes a unique approach to communicate, build confidence and trust, and increase return within your campaign or organization. We provide tools and strategies across a range of media platforms, improving the experience, productivity, and performance of your marketing communications.

We offer an array of innovative approaches to turn data-driven strategies into targeted consumer engagement. Our Creative Services offerings turn visions into motion, and our specialized tools like BAM MAIL™ take marketing communications to a whole new level. So remember, when you need that light-bulb idea for your next marketing endeavor, think about who’s got the best ones around. CATMEDIA will propel your campaign by broadcasting your message across multiple mediums and will help you make your mark on people’s minds.

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