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Great marketing and advertising starts with great ideas based on great data, and we are full of them. Ideas that will get your brand in the heads and hearts of your target market.

Marketing Strategy and Communications

For decades, most corporate marketing focused on the attention of the Four Ps—Product, Price, Place, and Promotion as first presented by Philip Kotler in his book, Principles of Marketing (1967). Robert Lauterborn, Professor of Advertising at the University of North Carolina, proposed an alternative in 1990—the Four Cs: Customer Wants and Needs, Cost, Convenience, and Communication.

Lauterborn argued marketers should focus more on Customer Wants and Needs, and less on product. CATMEDIA agrees, and is focused on supporting our clients in the planning, development, and implementation of marketing strategies. We consult with our clients to help identify the wants and needs of customers by focusing on several questions: In which areas are customers seeking solutions to problems? How can a company help solve those problems and delight their customers? With answers to these questions we create customized and integrated marketing communications programs.

Cost replaced price because the cost to the customer is often more than the mere price of the product. There may be installation and/or configuration costs to consider. Alternately, there may be cost savings in other areas. The total cost of ownership over the life of the product or service is the most important factor to customers as they consider value. Using structured problem solving skills, CATMEDIA assists our clients in identifying and communicating total cost positioning, which becomes an input to integrated marketing communications.

Convenience replaced place because convenience factors rely heavily on many customers’ perceptions of value, and convenience alone can increase the likelihood of a sale. Digital marketing plays a critical role in convenience as consumers use multiple devices to research their product and service choices, and complete transactions. Consumers expect easy access to information, simple ways to get questions answered, and no-hassle buying processes. CATMEDIA helps our clients assess their distribution process through the eyes of their customers, and we suggest enhancements to increase convenience. Integrated marketing communications include the role of convenience in your value proposition.

Communication as a two-way process is replacing the one-way process of promotion and traditional advertising. Today, marketers focus on engaging with customers through various marketing communications and strive for integrated marketing communications to ensure clear, consistent, messages, including all value elements of the customer offering. CATMEDIA created a six-step trademarked communication strategy process—known as CATVANTAGE™—to enhance our customers’ communications by providing communication tools and strategies across multiple channels and platforms; improving the experience, increasing productivity, and enhancing performance.

We offer an array of innovative approaches to turn data-driven strategies into targeted consumer engagement. Our Creative Services offerings turn visions into motion, and our specialized tools like BAM MAIL™ take marketing communications to a whole new level.

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