e-Learning Solutions

E-Learning today is much more sophisticated than it was even a few years ago.

With the advent of improved authoring software, even the simplest solutions can be developed into a compressed time-frame. The more complex the solution, the more time it will take for design and development.

When it comes to web-based or computer-based training and education, CATMEDIA is the source for high-quality solutions. Whether it’s spelled as “elearning” or “e-learning,” CATMEDIA is the choice for e-Learning design and development.

No matter the platform – whether it is self-directed, a virtual classroom, or blended – from the simple to the highly complex and immersive game-based e-Learning, the staff at CATMEDIA has the depth of experience needed to create innovative solutions. Our team is comprised of instructional designers, graphic designers, and programmers with combined decades of e-Learning experience.

Our Work

Federal Aviation Administration, Runway Safety CATMEDIA designed, developed, produced and delivered three web-based educational/instructional interactive programs designed to help itinerant pilots operate safely – avoiding runway incursions – on the surface of three general aviation airports: DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) in Atlanta, Georgia; General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Federal Aviation Administration, Performance Based Navigation Technology Hangar CATMEDIA produced an interactive tool for the Air Traffic Organization, specifically the RNAV/RNP group. This web-based tool is used to help alleviate confusion regarding Performance Based Navigation and related concepts, and to allow the RNAV/RNP leadership to consistently keep all stakeholders apprised of the organization’s mission, vision, history, technologies, current status and future direction. The tool features live-action footage, and animations and can be updated in the future, if needed.

But how does one go about developing an e-Learning curriculum, and how much time does it take to implement?

CATMEDIA takes a learner-centric approach to the design and development of every learning product. Our team is experienced in producing material that is Section 508 compliant. We also can design e-Learning material to integrate with a client’s learning management system (LMS) platform. CATMEDIA also assures our clients the highest level of customer service.

Needs Analysis

Every project begins with a thorough needs analysis to identify and articulate the scope and objectives of the learning event. Then, we design a solution that is built to accommodate our client’s budget and business drivers. First, determine what type of e-Learning project will be used:
  • What is the need for basic e-Learning?
  • Will this include content pages, text, graphics, simple video, simple audio, limited interactivity and assessment questions?
  • Will it have 25 percent or more interactive exercises than a basic design?
  • Will there be liberal amounts of multimedia content?
  • Is there an expectation for embedded simulation activities?
  • Will this include highly interactive simulations or game-based interactivity?
  • Will 3D avatars improve the learning experience?
No matter what the training or education needs, CATMEDIA is the best choice for creative design and effective e-Learning.

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