Program and Project Management

CATMEDIA’s Program Management services provide innovative, real-world solutions that fuel your organization’s ambitions.

When it comes to bringing the most value to your program, CATMEDIA can improve performance without sacrificing quality; enabling your program to reach its true potential.

Our Program Managers provide the necessary project management, business, and leadership skills to focus on high-level, strategic organizational goals and help meet organizational objectives.

CATMEDIA Program Management services include:
  • Assessment
  • Project plan development
  • Assignment of an experienced Program Manager
  • Process resolution
Our Program Managers have highly developed strategic planning, project management, and leadership skills. The Program Manager becomes a partner in long-term strategic planning offering suggestions on how program management can contribute to the organization’s long-term goals. Programs are long-term in nature and must be integrated and consistent with overall business goals. Through astute project management, Program Managers assign, direct, and motivate people resources to successfully implement project plans.

Program management is sometimes considered equivalent to project management, however there are important differences. A project usually has a specific beginning and ending date whereas a program is ongoing. For example, leadership development training is a continuous program found in many organizations and agencies. Individual training courses have specific start/end dates and are individual projects within the overall leadership development training program.

Program management consists of a series of related and often inter-dependent project plans designed to meet an overall program objective. CATMEDIA works with a client’s Program Manager and/or team to plan and design the program, which may consist of multiple project plans, each with a schedule and budget. The Program Manager works to identify key metrics to monitor progress and adheres to specific project management process standards for planning, execution, and control. The Program Manager develops business and technical processes to meet program objectives and ensure collection and reporting of metrics. The program management team carefully monitors progress, manages budgets, analyzes metrics, and reports on achievement of results compared to objectives.

Process improvement is an integral part of CATMEDIA’s Program Management Service. We continuously look for ways to exceed objectives and minimize overall risks to meeting the program’s goals. An ongoing audit of program results allows for process improvements throughout every phase of a program. Program managers exercise leadership as they assess situations and make decisions based on incomplete information while keeping clients informed of program progress, forecasts, and potential enhancements. As they oversee programs, Program Managers practice proactive change management, soliciting input from key stakeholders and anticipating issues to help prevent project plans entering a jeopardy status.

As creative storytellers and problem solvers, CATMEDIA provides program management for all service categories – creative services, marketing communications, training services, and human resource recruiting and support. We support our clients through all phases of strategic programs and projects: planning, implementation, and communication.

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