Leadership Training

According to the Deloitte 2015 Global Human Capital Trends Report, leadership training remains a perennial issue for organizations. For three consecutive years, leadership training programs was noted as one of the greatest challenges organizations faced.

CATMEDIA understands the training needs organizations are currently facing and has successfully designed, developed and delivered a catalog of over 100 training workshops in the areas of organizational development, leadership development, and individual development, including supervisory/managerial, leadership development, and workforce development/career development training and career counseling services.

Whatever your organization’s leadership skills training needs might be; CATMEDIA can work with you to develop customized solutions to fill this gap.

Executive Leadership Training

Great executive leaders influence organizations by example; are able to empower, motivate, and inspire team members; envision the framework for taking an organization in a new strategic direction; and constantly add value to an organization. Your best employees have the technical skills required to be productive in your organization and possess the soft skills to effectively manage teams within your organization, however, they may not possess the necessary skills to effectively become great executive leaders within your organization. Leadership can be learned, and executive leadership training programs can be one step to creating new leaders within your organization.

Leadership Development Training

Challenges of implementing leadership development training programs revolve around whether the skills taught in traditional programs are relevant to the challenges that modern organizations face and whether there is a significant return on investment in the programs.The solution to this problem is to use a highly customized leadership training program that is tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Our service delivery record is 100%.

A Leading Provider of Leadership and Development Training: CATMEDIA was the exclusive contract provider of leadership and development training, executive coaching, curriculum design (web-based and instructor led), and assessment services for the Office of Personnel Management’s Center for Leadership Development (CLD) under the Instructor Management Services (IMS) contract from 2013 to 2019. Approximately 1600 task orders supported annually.

Leadership Skills Training

CATMEDIA has experience providing leadership skills training through our dedicated team of subject matter experts, trainers, facilitators, executive coaches, instructional designers, and project managers.

We developed a dynamic web database with 500+ fully vetted instructors, coaches, career counselors and instructional designers who can be deployed globally. Through actively recruiting, training, and deploying new instructors, we are able to provide instructors for multiple deliveries of the same program on a global scale. On average we have 20+ Leadership Skills trainings running concurrently.

Whether your organization is looking for a program to simply assess and discuss emotional intelligence, improve the communication skills of emerging leaders, or provide an enterprise solution that addresses the training of front line managers to senior executives, CATMEDIA’s dedicated team of experts can work with you to create leaders who can transform your organization.

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