Program and Project Management

Your projects are vital and complex.
We manage complexity.

Organizations achieve their goals through the effective execution of strategic initiatives. These complex projects often exist in environments with uncertainty and ambiguity, and success can require overcoming disruptions to everyday operations. Our team understands the emerging challenges facing your organization, and we apply expert resources and discipline to transform risks into opportunities for sustainable results.

When setting and achieving goals, the consistent alignment between strategy and execution is essential. It’s important that the processes and personnel comprising each initiative are carefully calibrated to support the right values and objectives. At all levels of managing project activities, organizational culture and strategy must be the central focus.

CATMEDIA partners with organizations and teams to implement dynamic solutions for high-impact initiatives. We apply innovation and expertise to meet our clients’ objectives by prioritizing values and outcomes that align with their strategy.

Our impact over the last 15 years:

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Program & Project Management Services

PMO Managed Services

Improvements in operational efficiency rely on creative solutions and insights based on expert research and analysis. Our Project Management Office is led by PMI-certified Project Managers and Program Managers with the experience to effectively craft the process for each unique project. Our PMO offers qualified consulting to select the strategic approach and planning methods that will achieve the desired outcomes and sustain success. When implementing your programs and projects from initiation through close, you’re the expert, and we’re your collaborator.

Agile Implementation

During planning and execution, small teams can respond to change and create results more quickly and efficiently than larger teams. The best decisions and results come from diverse, cross-functional teams who provide expert judgment and flexible ways of working. Agile teams understand the importance of remaining adaptable when implementing projects with varying deliverables and timelines. Our team has a hybrid-Agile mindset focused on delivering value, supporting customers, and tailoring processes to the desired outcomes. through continuous improvement.

Program Analytics

We work with clients who manage complex programs that often require reconciling many interrelated factors. At the project level, the quality of deliverables depends upon the resources, relationships, and requirements of the business environment. The right processes and people at key points in project activities can integrate individual tasks into thriving programs. Our team uses premier tools and analytics to identify risks, resolve problems, evaluate results, and generate impact at the industry level.

Strategic Communication

With so many platforms and channels to navigate, it can be difficult to engage with intended audiences, customers, and consumers. Maintaining positive relationships with diverse stakeholders is essential for teams focused on providing the best products and services. Initiatives with clear and consistent messaging are more likely to gain support during execution, especially in complex environments. Using market research and innovative, multichannel approaches, we can design an engagement strategy that translates ideas and goals into behavioral change.

Quality and Compliance

Quality Assurance is a top concern for organizations in both public and private sectors, and miscommunicated quality standards can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. Businesses need products and services that deliver the proposed value, while state and federal agencies operate in highly regulated environments with specific standards for compliance. To satisfy agreements with sustained quality, it’s essential to establish quality metrics and consistently measure performance by those metrics. Whether providing design prototypes to ensure functionality or hosting a working meeting between your team and our subject matter experts, we take measures to elevate the quality of each deliverable, adhere to compliance standards, and ensure alignment with operational goals.

Product Development

At our core, we are a creative company, and our team brings excellence to every step of the development process. Our Product Development team navigates current trends and works with tested methods for optimizing strategy, conducting industry benchmarking, and generating MVP (minimum viable product). From idea generation and product definition through prototyping, design, validating and testing, we provide finished creative products that exceed the expectations of our clients in development and implementation. By emphasizing collaboration, we empower product owners, designers, and developers to resolve problems and turn feedback into functionality.