Staffing Solutions

CATMEDIA provides staffing solutions for government agencies and private sector organizations throughout the United States. We are dedicated to providing the best talent acquisition and talent management solutions tailored to each individual client.

Our high-quality personnel support clients’ short-term and long-term needs in creative services, human resource management, and administrative functions.

We have assisted the U.S. Navy; Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in finding top talent to assist in their strategic objectives.

To us, staffing is an ongoing activity, not a response. With that philosophy in mind, each of our professionals are skilled in a specific specialty niche, positioning ourselves to offer our clients a wide range of staffing services across seven specialty vertical niches.

Creative Staffing

CATMEDIA has been providing creative staffing solutions and staff augmentation services, to our clients for over 25 years. This includes producers, editors, graphic artists and designers, videographers, and more. CATMEDIA fills creative staffing positions with expert, professional personnel, giving our clients greater creative and technical substance and quality.

Human Capital Management

Our human capital management model captures and measures the impact our Human Resource Department has on the financial impact of the firm. As a highly responsive team, we quickly complete the human resource planning process (job analysis) to ensure an accurate job description and scope of the role. We then assess the client’s work culture, environment, and management style to ensure that candidates we screen will result in the best fit. Following our initial selection, CATMEDIA reviews the role with our client to ensure we’ve hit the mark. CATMEDIA uses a unique screening process that differentiates us from our competitors. This screening is to ensure candidates will assimilate smoothly into our clients’ work environmenta.


We deliver exceptional candidates who are trained, vetted, and ready to work. Our staffing solutions go the extra mile to find the best talent.

Writing a precise job description is an essential step toward attracting the right individuals to join your company. CATMEDIA will work with you to write job descriptions that effectively communicate your available positions, requirements, and application methods for applicants.

Pre-employment tests are powerful tools that can assist with candidate screening because they show strengths, weaknesses & personality of each applicant. Assessments can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and specific jobs, and job functions. We offer top-notch career assessments for talent selection and development that fit your budget. CATMEDIA administers multiple EEOC, ADA compliant assessments such as:

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Industry Specific Assessments
  • Job Specific Hiring Assessments
  • Customizable Assessments

We enable you to recruit the right person for your by reviewing and shortlisting applications, and compiling interview questions. CATMEDIA also partners with you to determine the best interview strategies and methods. For example, video conferencing, telephone, or multi-person. We work with your organizational culture and existing human resource philosophies to determine the correct blend.

Not sure on how to interpret our assessment results or stuck between choosing candidates? CATMEDIA will review your individual case and work with you to determine the best candidate.

CATMEDIA recruits throughout the Eastern Seaboard to ensure our partnerships with local Universities, federal job placement organizations, local and state organizations, and referrals provide the best sources to meet your staffing needs!

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