Human Resource Management

CATMEDIA’s Human Resource management objectives are simple: utilize an individual’s talents to achieve organizational objectives.

We provide high-quality personnel to meet the short-term and long-term needs of our clients through creative staffing, human capital management, and staff augmentation services.

Our recruitment team places qualified personnel in multiple states and locations throughout the United States. We have supported the U.S. Navy, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), General Services Administration (GSA), and more in finding top talent to assist in their strategic objectives.

Because we use simple and strategic approaches to human resource management, our clients trust us to recruit, select, train, and hire employees in support of organizational goals. We offer multiple solutions that cover aspects of human resource management that your organization may need guidance on:
  • Competitive challenges
  • Strategic HRM: business models, formulation, implementation, the role of HR within an organization
  • Legal Environment: EEOC, employment law, OFCCP, discrimination, OSHA, employee safety,
  • Human Resource Planning: job analysis, HR forecasting, recruitment, staffing solutions
  • Selection & Placement: interviewing, assessments, background check guidance,
  • Training: Change management, needs assessments, organizational analysis, learning environments, and management support
  • Employee Management: Approach to performance management, purpose, performance criteria, measuring performance, sources of information, rater errors
  • Employee Development: e-Learning, career management, assessments, retention
  • Employee Separation and Retention: progressive discipline, turnover, EAP/wellness
  • Compensation: analyze labor costs, equity in pay structures, salary, benefits, variable pay
Government regulations, globalization, and changes in technology all factor in to our efforts to ensure our clients’ and Human Resource Management needs are met.

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