Graphic Design

Creativity is key to original ideas, and original ideas should be conveyed through original designs. CATMEDIA Employee Communication Whether it is a logo, business card, or brochure – the design should emphasize the message. A client’s first impression often comes from print ads, digital ads, or through the web, require graphic elements. It is vital to present the information in a visually appealing, easily digestible, and memorable manner. When the graphics are personalized, the audience will understand a message. There are graphic design platforms that can be used to visually represent your company’s image, and CATMEDIA is the choice to create your concept for your chosen platform, and develop that concept into a complete design. We provide in-house graphic design services to help a client construct their identity, including: CATMEDIA Graphic Design
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Web graphics
  • Presentationa
  • Sales collateral
Because we provide concept-to-creation logo design services, corporate brochure design, presentation design, and sales collateral, our graphic artists have well-rounded perspectives on the complete visual message a company wants to portray. A preliminary step to having a cohesive visual style in any company is to create a set of branding guidelines.The branding guideline includes a set of parameters to define how to use the established style within digital and print materials, and we apply these guidelines to any graphic design we create.

As a creative services company, we provide graphic design services, from conception to production. CATMEDIA has all the tools needed to create an authentic graphic design. Our professional graphic designers and graphic artists conceptualize and deliver authentic logo designs - along with our complete range of graphic design services.

Corporate brochure design is another platform to exhibit information. Minimal space within a brochure calls for a clean and contemporary design. The graphic artist would have a full comprehension of branding guidelines to efficiently design brochures that correlate with other marketing materials. Corporate brochures can be useful in helping customers discover a company as a brochure not only serves as a platform to introduce a company but can also highlight certain capabilities or services.

Presentations can be utilized and customized in an array of creative ways in order to best serve a particular objective. A well-designed presentation is easier for a viewer to follow, making it easier to disseminate your message. Our graphic designers and graphic artists create clean and professional presentation designs that reinforce the message so viewers can focus on the presenter. Using creativity to make an interesting presentation design is a CATMEDIA specialty - whether through Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, infographics, email, flyers, charts, or video presentations.

Sales collateral includes print materials to promote a business. It is important to have a consistent design throughout these materials, as it should reflect a unifying corporate identity. The types of sales collateral we provide include; banners, flyers, brochures, and office supply branding. The graphic artist customizes each item to appropriately fit the branding guidelines of a company.

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