Logo Design

Can you make the logo bigger?

It’s a simple request.

You want your brand to be prominent and noticeable. A great logo is an expression of your brand’s values, culture, and people. It should be distinctive, and represent your brand in the best possible way.

But bigger isn’t always better.

A logo is an organization’s public face. It is the first visual impression customers will see and associate with your brand, therefore it is essential to have a logo that matches your corporate identity and message – in size and scope.

Creative Logo Design

Custom logo design for BAM Mail™ A strong and creative logo design is the foundation for brand identity development. A creative logo unifies all applications of a logo (web and print materials, for example) with its style, typography, and color palette. CATMEDIA’s Creative Services team will work with you to conceptualize and develop a smart, authentic logo that fits your brand.

Building a Corporate Identity

CATMEDIA Logo DesignIf your organization or company does not already have a brand identity, a creative logo design is a good place to start establishing one. Along with a brand identity, it is important to have guidelines when designing and stylizing a company logo.

Branding guidelines define how a company logo should be presented in various forms of media since logos are used on everything from email signatures, to social media, to sales collateral and signage. Branding guidelines establish consistent use of logos within a company, and throughout all print and digital marketing materials.

Design Process

The stages of creating a logo are essential to creating an original design. Through design process, CATMEDIA brainstorms and plays with aesthetics, springing fresh and exciting ideas. New ideas call for new designs, leading to the evolution of a unique logo that represents your organization or business. Our logo design process follows distinct stages, which aim to add value and recognition to your brand identity, while keeping the process easy and fun.

We kick-off logo design projects by asking questions about your organization’s culture, values, and business. We examine everything there is to know about your customers, personality, programs, projects, and the markets in which you compete. This includes researching your competition, past and current logo designs that have been successful, and current styles and trends. The information we glean helps us determine how and where will the logo be used, and what can and cannot be done from a design point of view.

From the design briefing, our graphic designer sketches the logo using the research as a guide. Sketching a logo with a pen and paper is quick and effective and aids in ketch some more, so you can really separate the wheat from the chaff. We may sketch dozens of logo ideas during this phase, even though we may only present 4-5 of the best concepts.

Our graphic designers use Illustrator or other vector based applications to create initial designs from the selected sketches, then present them to the client for initial review. The objective is to get client feedback on our ideas, and to identify the one you’d like to develop and refine into a logo design.

Our designer fully develops the concept you love into a complete logo design! During development, you perform reviews and provide comments and approvals on everything from font size to color. Colors and details are added, modified, or omitted; and we create mockups to see how the logo will perform under different applications, such as print, web, or on signage.

CATMEDIA’s logo design services are tailored to your needs, so we can create a custom logo you’re guaranteed to love.

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