Data Visualization

Data analysis can be challenging, especially when dealing with huge volumes of information.

Looking at it can be overwhelming, and time-consuming.

Data visualization communicates the information clearly and effectively. Simply put, it is a visual representation of data. It’s about telling a story, and how data visualization tells a story is more important than ever.

CATMEDIA’s Creative Services team designs visualizations that deliver; merging information, form, and function, to communicate information in a way that is easy to understand.

Data visualization to depict information through charts and graphs for easy interpretation and understanding. Information visualization allows for a quicker data analysis as opposed to reading spreadsheets and reports.

Data visualization conveys information in a way that is easy to interpret. So, what data is used and funneled into these visual charts and graphs?

A creative visual is essential to grab the attention of the viewer. CATMEDIA can provide traditional, as well as, contemporary forms of data visualization. Some various forms of media to display information may include; infographics, motion graphics, or graphic charts. Infographics focus on information visualization through numerals, text, and graphics. Motion graphics are another contemporary form of information design. This generally involves animating graphs, charts, text, and numerals. Graphic charts include traditional graphs and charts to display information, as well as, contemporary graphs, which are more abstract and personalized according to the content.

Analytics play a major role in every area of business. Whether you are running a campaign on social media or launching a new website, analytics allow you to measure the results and success of these initiatives through data analysis. Integrating analytics allows for a thorough understanding of the campaign. CATMEDIA’s use of multiple analytic platforms gives us the ability to gather a vast amount of information that can be used through data analysis. Using analytics gives us the ability to analyze multiple sites and the traffic that is created on them, allowing us to observe any interactions people have with the pages, length of their visit, and what channel they went through to get there. CATMEDIA tracks analytics throughout the campaign then imputes the data into graphs and charts for data visualization.

CATMEDIA creates platforms for information visualization and data analysis. The display of analytics is just as important as the content itself. Whether it’s through graphics, animations, white papers, or web pages, CATMEDIA can help determine the best method to display your information creatively and concisely.

CATMEDIA will be able to design a visual that can easily be incorporated into your company’s brand. This allows the data visual to be utilized seamlessly throughout your company’s web and print materials.

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