Getting to Know CATMEDIA: A Crossword

How well do you know CATMEDIA? Brush up on your knowledge by completing the crossword below!


5. Management is a CATMEDIA service that provides, real-world solutions to fuel your organization’s goals and ambitions. This service includes an initial assessment, development of a plan development, the assignment of an experienced manager, and process resolution. (7 letter word) 6. By far one of the most important aspects of any business. CATMEDIA specializes in this service, which can be used to identify and distinguish your organization from its competitors. Examples include logo, slogan, intended message, image, and website. (8 letter word) 9. A visual medium that uses drawings, models, or objects in a rapid sequence to give the illusion of lifelike motion. CATMEDIA will work with your company to create 2D, 3D, geospatial, and logo versions of this medium to best deliver your company’s message. (9 letter word) 10. CATMEDIA’s capabilities include developing, designing, and maintaining your company’s. Hint: Typically contains a home page, multimedia content, company contact information, and can be located on the Internet/Worldwide Web. (7 letter word)


1. Defined as the ability to create. CATMEDIA employs this to solve problems and help our clients succeed. (10 letter word)

2.  Media has become an essential business tool and is used to share various types of media and content for the purpose of engaging and delivering messages to the intended audience. (6 letter word) 3. Described as an act of teaching and developing the skills and knowledge related to a specific subject matter or competency. CATMEDIA offers solutions for clients in public and private sectors and delivers customized curriculums that result in improved productivity and effectiveness in mission critical tasks. (8 letter word) 4. As a part of this production service, CATMEDIA provides pre-production, production, post-production, and script writing services. (5 letter word) 7. As one of our creative services, CATMEDIA incorporates this type of design to visually present your company’s image. This service includes logo design, brochure design, presentation design, and collateral design. (7 letter word) 8. The first name of CATMEDIA’s Founder and CEO. (9 letter word) How did you do? Find out how well you really know CATMEDIA here!

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