Case Study #1


When an executive within a major federal government agency needed a way to directly and personally communicate to thousands of employees worldwide, he turned to CATMEDIA for help. This executive is responsible for the division’s measurable goals, personnel, overall budget, and vision.

This executive also placed a high value on personally leading his staff by communicating his vision and his current focus.

Using CATVANTAGE™, CATMEDIA assessed the executive’s needs, audience, and desired results. The strategic questions we asked were results-oriented:
  • What if you could meet with all your staff once a quarter?
  • What if you could personally deliver the heart of your current focus in a way that every employee heard, understood, and acknowledged?
  • What if you could highlight different programs, and share program successes with division stakeholders?
  • What if you could receive direct, anonymous feedback from any – or all – of your division employees?
  • And what if your employees (all of them) woke up today and went to work with the same vision and focus that drives you?


CATMEDIA provided a strategic solution in a custom, interactive BAM Mail™ communications tool sent as an email attachment, quarterly. Key benefits of this CATVANTAGE™ solution:
  • Messages and tools are easily delivered
  • The tool is immediate and accessible across computer platforms.
  • Email communication is readily accessible.


Our client received results within hours of CATMEDIA delivering the first edition, a practice that continues to this day as our client continues to reap benefits from this strategic information delivery system.
  • Executive leadership realized the key benefit of tracking common trends in the feedback received, which clearly identified areas of improvement needed and resulted in current action plans. Anonymous feedback provided a platform for all staff voices to be heard, even at the most basic field level.
  • Cost savings is realized in this custom, mass communication tool over the logistics of an annual meeting.
  • More frequent staff communication is comparably affordable.
  • Feedback feature proved to be invaluable to management in receiving reports on issues faced daily in field operations.
  • Communication is uniform to all stakeholders; the information does not need to “trickle down.”
  • Inclusion of rich media allowed for demonstrations, more personal messages, diagrams, charts, etc.
  • Interactive format enabled the user to more fully engage with the targeted message.
  • PDF format allowed the user to easily access the information electronically.
  • The leadership to employee communications tool has become so popular that its frequency has been increased from four annual editions, to 12 annual editions.
The beauty of BAM Mail™ in this exampleof a CATVANTAGE™ solution is in its sustainability. Each rich media module can be updated and included in a new edition of the tool.