Case Study #2


Team leadership at a major Federal agency program are directly responsible for educating aviation professionals, Congress and the public about new aviation technologies being implemented as the next generation. The end goal is aviation safety and technology transfer during a major process overhaul. Though scores of agency resources are put in motion to support the goal of phasing in this new way of thinking and doing, how would they uniformly educate all stakeholders on precise navigation principles comprising a new procedure method?

Using our CATVANTAGE™ workflow process, CATMEDIA listened and assessed the executive’s needs, audience, and desired results. The strategic questions we asked were results oriented.

What if:
  • All of your stakeholders could interact with the new technology principles on their own, with the ability to revisit less familiar technologies?
  • Every member of your diverse learning community was able to not only read about new technologies, but also view demonstrations, clarifying each definition?
  • Your new technology information was always accessible via Internet application?
  • All your vested human resource had consistent, uniform, and current information?
  • You had a central location identified to disseminate your technical knowledge?
  • You could be sure every related human resource understood each new technology, fully and exactly, with no mistaken information?
  • All of your interested stakeholders were directed to this precise knowledge management system on your own website?


CATMEDIA provided a strategic solution in a custom, interactive website communications tool. Key benefits of this CATVANTAGE™ solution:
  • Complex technical principles are precisely defined.
  • Technical principles are effectively demonstrated by inclusion of strategic rich media.
  • Information is delivered with interactivity, resulting in greater retention.
  • Knowledge is managed and delivered toward specifically targeted audiences.
  • Tool is easily and immediately accessible via the Internet, across computer platforms.


Leadership realized the key benefit of reinforcing their technology transfer via an interactive knowledge management program. The program stakeholders gained uniform, precise understanding of new technologiesCATMEDIA’s solution, with its updateable format, added value to the program. This CATVANTAGE™ solution has sustainability. As technologies change, so can a company’s knowledge delivery system. Rich media demonstrations can be updated as needed.