The Electronic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) is the FAA’s preferred contracting vehicle for small business contracts.

eFAST streamlines the procurement process for all stakeholders using web-based acquisition tools and automated workflows that comply with applicable FAA standards. eFAST supports the following contract types: Firm-Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursable, Time and Materials, Labor Hour, and others as necessary.

While eFAST is an agency-wide acquisition vehicle, it can also be used by other Federal agencies to better serve the government. The FAA reports that the current eFAST pool of companies appears to currently meet the needs of the eFAST customer base. As a result, eFAST has no current plans for expanding the pool of vendors. The eFAST office suggests that interested vendors seek to partner with current MOA Holders to pursue contract awards.

Awarding Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
CATMEDIA eFAST Contract Number: DTFAWA-11-A-00066
Period of Performance: May 9, 2011 – September 30, 2019
Description: eFAST is an acquisition vehicle that allows long-term procurements for an expanded array of professional and support services to better serve the requirements of the FAA, and on a limited basis, a host of other federal government agencies nationwide in an expedited efficient and effective manner. The Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) is the FAA’s preferred small business contracting vehicle for services. This is the first generation of the eFAST program.
Service Areas:
  • Air Transportation Support
  • Business Administration & Management
  • Research & Development
  • Computer/Information Systems Development
  • Computer Systems Support
  • Documentation & Training
  • Engineering Services
  • Maintenance & Repair
Types of Orders Available:
  • Delivery Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Task Orders
Order Format: The eFAST contract Team will support the procurement from start to finish. A secure online contract management tool: eFAST KSN Workspace.

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