OPM Logo The United States Office of Personnel Management provides training, developmental programs and management tools for Federal employees and agencies. CATMEDIA manages the adjunct faculty who deliver professional Federal instructional development at the Senior Executive Service level through the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) under a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract for Instructor Management Services.

We provide instructors on-demand for any Federal agency requesting a customized course for executive development, through OPM. OPM engaged CATMEDIA to update and manage their instructor procurement process, instructor credentials and evaluation ratings. This included examining instructors’ preparedness to design, develop and deliver programs and courses.

Developed an efficient new portal-based talent pool of over 500 adjunct professors; improving information flow and minimizing errors.


The Bottom Line. The client saves money and earns a greater return on investment.

Reduced the bid and course delivery processes for projects from 90 to 30 days.


A Positive Reputation. Increased workforce and customer retention stemming from quicker turnaround times builds the client a reputation for quality.

Streamlined the personnel vetting process ensuring that competency gaps are closed and high performers are the foundation of the workforce.


Increased competitive advantage by ensuring on-going quality and diversity keeps OPM ahead of the game.

Reduced contract proposal documents from 20 to 3 pages, and simplified the faculty bid process to 4 simple steps.


Culture change is sparked through the establishment of more efficient systems, increasing morale, project performance and customer satisfaction.

Deployed BAM Mail™ to deliver personalized, quick, targeted outreach to adjunct faculty and management.


Buy-in. The delivery of the Program’s mission to the workforce via a content-rich communiqué was swift and engaged personnel.