CATMEDIA, Scott Dixon President

Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon brings 20 years of business experience to CATMEDIA. Prior to joining the company, he led the acquisition of key shelter titles from Network Communications, Inc. to form NewPoint Media Group, where he served as President and CEO. Key titles include: The Real Estate Book, New Homes, Senior Living Choices, and most recently, Homes and Land. Before joining NewPoint Media Group, Dixon held several top leadership positions at Network Communications, Inc., the nation’s largest integrated online and print publisher of shelter titles.
Amy Ferzoco

About Amy Ferzoco

As Director of Creative Services for CATMEDIA, Amy brings limitless energy to every project she manages. Amy is hands-on in all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production. This includes creative development, scripting, videography, and editing. Her strong record of accomplishment, and 10+ years of experience in video production give her an in-depth understanding of the production process; the ability to visualize a script; and to assure elements are properly staged, acquired, and assembled.